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By Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology
May 25, 2017
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According to statistics released by Jobson Research, 61 percent of Americans have some type of vision issue that needs to be corrected.ilasik Some people choose to wear glasses or contact lenses for life, but there are other options. If you have vision challenges, take the time to discover the benefits of iLASIK, an effective treatment offered at Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology in New York, NY.

What Is iLASIK?
Ophthalmologists use iLASIK technology to surgically fix the causes of your vision problems. It is an in-office procedure that combines two advanced LASIK technologies for precise results. There’s no need for blades, so it’s very safe, extremely fast and pain-free. The laser is customized to correct your specific vision issue, which will be diagnosed at your exam. Dr. Christopher Coad, your New York LASIK doctor will use a 3D technology called WaveScan to measure and map the outline of your eyes for a customized treatment.

Who Can Benefit from iLASIK?
Anyone who has vision problems (nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism) that makes it difficult to read, work or drive can likely benefit from iLASIK.

After the Surgery
Your eye doctor will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions at the completion of your iLASIK appointment. Here are a few important tips:

  • Make sure you bring a trusted friend with you to the appointment to help you get home
  • Sleep after the surgery
  • Follow instructions suggested by your New York LASIK doctor if you’re experiencing discomfort after the procedure
  • Administer eye drops as prescribed by your New York LASIK doctor
  • Allow up to three to six months for full vision improvement

Considering iLASIK?
If you think that iLASIK may be a viable solution to your vision problems, your next step is to contact Dr. Christopher Coad at Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology in New York City, NY. He is a New York LASIK specialist in laser eye treatments who has been helping patients for decades. Call (212)-220-0066 today to schedule a visit and learn more about the benefits of this treatment.

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