Unlike a traditional facial filler, Sculptra Aesthetic improves volume and contour by stimulating the body’s own collagen. By using advanced injection techniques, Sculptra can lift, reshape the face, create volume and also improve the tone and texture of the skin (as in the liquid facelift). This makes it a versatile product for full facial rejuvenation. Since Sculptra Aesthetic requires special preparation and a very advanced injection technique, the best Sculptra doctors are those who have extensive experience injecting the product.

As a member of the National Education Faculty for the makers of Sculptra Aesthetic, he trains physicians worldwide and lectures on advanced injection techniques with this product. He was a lead investigator for FDA trials for Sculptra’s approval. Because Sculptra is not a facial filler, the doctor injects in many different areas in the face for a very natural appearance. When used in this fashion, you will not get that puffy look that has become associated with too much facial filler. However, if you’re looking for immediate results, Sculptra is not for you. It takes weeks to months for your body to stimulate its own collagen.

Sculptra is one of the longest lasting injectables for facial rejuvenation. It has an FDA approval of two years, but will probably last up to three years because of the new collagen that has formed. However, the face will continue to age and collagen will continue to break down. Most people have a series of treatments initially to achieve an optimal results with maintenance touch ups every 1-2 years.

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