Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment to remove spider and reticular veins on the legs. The best sclerotherapy treatments in New York City typically take 15 minutes to an hour. Depending on the number of veins treated, the level of cosmetic perfection desired, and the patient's ability to heal; multiple treatments may be necessary to completely collapse the veins. 

By injecting a mild chemical solution called a sclerosing agent into the incompetent vein or capillary, the walls of the vein collapse and the blood is re-routed to a healthy vein, restoring proper circulation. In some cases a laser can be used to treat smaller veins or to achieve optimal results. 

Side effects include minimal discomfort following treatment and minor bruising after injection therapy. Patients wear medical grade compression stockings specific to their height and weight immediately following treatment to help keep the treated vessels collapsed and to promote faster healing.


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