Hand Rejuvenation

Because the hands are often unprotected from the sun and other weather elements, they are more prone to free radical damage causing aging brown spots. Also over time, our hands lose plumpness and firmness and eventually begin to look bony and frail with crepe-like skin. Many of our patients who have facial rejuvenation procedures look great and don’t want their hands to reveal their age. Finding the right hand rejuvenation expert in New York City can be tricky and the key is to finding one that is an expert in minimally-invasive procedures to improve one’s appearance.

We inject Radiesse or Sculptra into the hands to re-plump and replenish volume. The off-label procedure is quick, painless, requires no downtime and can be combined with IPL or chemical peel treatments by our aesthetician to lessen aging brown spots. The result is a full rejuvenation of your hands!

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