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The best results in anti-aging medicine for the face are usually subtle and natural appearing. Since we immediately are drawn to a person’s eyes, having bright healthy appearing eyes is an important key to a younger looking face. At our New York City boutique practice, whether surgical or minimally-invasive, we will determine the best treatment plan to help you achieve a natural and youthful look.

While surgery is ideal for certain patients, minimally-invasive treatments are preferred to restore a rested youthful appearance for others. And often the goal is simply to look healthy and not tired, rather than looking younger. The folds and wrinkles that we see are the result of bone loss in the face leading to “drooping” as well as changes to the soft tissues, fat and skin. Because the way each of us ages is unique, a customized approach to facial rejuvenation is key.

Should facial aesthetic surgery be the best option for you.   Through various surgical techniques which may include the removal of excess skin as well as restoration of fatty tissue when necessary, reshaping the skin and underlying tissue.

If you are interested in our facial cosmetic procedures, schedule a complimentary evaluation with our highly trained cosmetic coordinators to guide you through the process. While these treatments are not generally covered by most health plans, some procedures may be covered through flexible spending accounts and 0% interest payment plans are available.

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