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December 17, 2019
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Difference between LASIK and PRK

Discover the differences between these popular corrective eye surgeries.

Are you tired of having to put contact lenses in every morning? Do you hate having to always bring glasses with you? There are many reasons someone may turn to our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Christopher Coad at Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology in New York to correct their vision. Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology is a leading laser vision correction surgery and eye care practice. Founded in 1989, the facility expanded 10 years later to its present location in the heart of Chelsea’s Gallery District. Learn more about LASIK and PRK at our practice, two popular eye surgeries to correct common vision problems.

What are LASIK and PRK eye surgeries?

LASIK and PRK are two types of refractive surgeries designed to correct everything from nearsightedness and farsightedness to astigmatism.

They both work in the same way, but with the presence or absence of a laser flap. Our New York LASIK surgery specialist will reshape the cornea using a special laser, which will then help the retina to properly focus light as it enters the eye to give you a clearer vision.

How do these two types of corrective eye surgeries differ?

The biggest difference between the two surgeries has to do with the procedural process. During LASIK surgery, the laser will create a small flap in the cornea to expose the tissue and reshape the cornea. During PRK, a flap is not created to conserve corneal tissue before reshaping the cornea with the laser. A bandage contact lens is applied to the cornea for 5 days as the corneal epithelium regenerates after PRK.

Should I get Lasik or PRK?

The results you’ll get with both treatments are very much the same; the only difference is that it can take a few days longer for the patient to recover from PRK because the corneal tissue has to regenerate. With LASIK, the patient will be able to see again rather quickly, while vision improvement will get better over the course of several weeks with PRK.

Despite the longer length of recovery, PRK is great for patients with thinner corneas who may not be ideal candidates for LASIK.

Are you interested in learning more about corrective eye surgery and whether you are a candidate? If so, the next step is to call Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology in New York to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to discuss the different treatment options with you.



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