Advanced Surface Ablation - PRK

What Is ASA Surgery?

Photorefractive Keratectomy, also known as PRK, is a popular laser vision correction procedure similar to LASIK and LASEK. With PRK, no flap is created. Therefore, the recovery is longer as the flap acts as a natural bandage allowing the eye to heal quicker. Since the laser targets the surface of the eye directly to modify the shape of the cornea, PRK may be the better option for those patients with thinner corneas, irregular or scarred corneas, or a history of dry eye.

During your healing time (7 days), it is common to experience blurriness, light sensitivity, dryness, and grittiness. It is recommended to rest for the first 2 days when both eyes are treated together and oral pain medication, as well as topical eye drops, will be given to keep you comfortable. Newer PRK techniques we now use have shortened the recovery time from some of the older methods. 
Your vision may slightly fluctuate over the next few weeks to months before optimal vision is reached.

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