Advanced LASIK

What Is Advanced Lasik?

Board Certified Ophthalmologist and top NY LASIK/LASER eye surgeon, Christopher T. Coad, MD, FACS, has been performing LASIK/LASER eye surgery (and other vision correction procedures) in New York, NY since its inception in the early 1990’s and today he primarily uses iLASIK. Because of Dr. Coad’s experience and extensive testing to ensure a patient’s candidacy for treatment, 99% of our LASIK patients achieve 20/20 or better with less than 5% needing enhancements.

LASIK/Laser Eye Surgery is one of the safest and most rigorously studied procedures performed today. However, not all LASIK procedures are the same. For the crispest vision and safest treatment, we use the most advanced blade-free customized correction technology. This is known as iLASIK.

Why Choose LASIK?

Two components make iLASIK the most advanced LASIK technology. First is the Intralase laser used to create the flap, as opposed to the earlier method of using a blade. This femtosecond laser creates a flap that is minimally thinner and structurally strong. It is so precise that it is similar to etching your name into a piece of human hair. The second component is CustomVue, which creates an individualized map that identifies and measures a patient’s eyes 25 times more precisely than standard measurements for glasses or contact lenses. This technology provides enhanced laser alignment and accuracy, decreasing human error, halos, and blurriness.

Some people may have heard a negative story about LASIK due to the press exploitation of rare cases of unexpected outcomes. The truth is most patients experience a positive life-enhancing outcome. LASIK centers focus on profit and will offer older technologies at a discounted rate to all patients, even poor candidates. We are a well-established, comprehensive eye care medical practice with 24-hour emergency accessibility. The safety of your eyes is our main concern. Dr. Coad is conservative about who he will perform iLASIK on. If you are not an excellent candidate for this procedure, other vision correction solutions may be more appropriate, and he may suggest these treatments.

LASIK can also easily fit into busy schedules. We have evening treatment sessions and can see patients early in the morning the next day after their surgery so they can go right back to work.

What Is The Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery?

If cost is a concern, you should know that the iLASIK procedure is less expensive than a lifetime of glasses and contact lenses. It’s a great investment! Just watch “The Savings Experiment” video above produced by We also have payment plans available at 0% interest for 12 months. For a free screening to find out if you are a candidate for the iLASIK procedure, fill out the quick form below.

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